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Mini urban makeovers

They’re on a roll, our Council, breaking up the bitumen to put the nature back into naturestrips, roundabouts, medians and kerb extensions in the most far reaching transformation of Port’s streets since the invention of the roundabout.


Putting nature back into naturestrips

In the process, they’re making it safer for children to walk and ride to school. When you’re not worrying so much about the traffic it’s easier to appreciate the heritage buildings.

St Vincent St roundabout improvements 2

pedestrian priority on the way to Albert Park Primary

They’re giving rain places to soak into and plants new places to thrive.


raingarden shows off this house in Albert Park

Rodney Tolley, the great walking advocate, once said that ‘Ugly streets stop walking’. Conversely, pleasant streets entice walking.

I’m often struck when looking at photos of Port Melbourne from the 1980s how bereft of nature it was.

These before and after images show how urban transformation can be achieved, one median and one roundabout at a time.

Rouse x Princes 1987

Swallow and Ariell, Port Melbourne 1987 image Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society

Swallow & Ariell Rouse St

the same streetscape in 2014



  • Interesting to see the contrast Janet, the streetscape looks much better today. I'm also struck by the difference in colour of the Swallow & Ariell building.

    • JanetBolitho

      Amazing what a coat of paint can do to alter the perception of a building. I see you've been wandering in the neighbourhood. Look forward to reading your reflections.

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