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Noise Wall at Webb Dock

The conversation with the Port Melbourne community about the Port Expansion Project at Webb Dock began in April 2012. Two and a half years later, people’s apprehensions about the project are being translated into a corten steel noise wall being constructed along the Todd Road boundary with the Port.

The wall promises to keep at bay the noise of the expanding Webb Dock which will handle the equivalent of a million containers each year.

Each day more of the wall is put in place. The associated landscaping and shared pathways are yet to come. Port activity will take place behind the wall out of view and, if the wall works, out of acceptable earshot. The boundary between Port Melbourne and the Port of Melbourne is becoming more clearly defined and less porous than it has been in the past.


Corten steel noise wall under construction


The reality of the Port’s  intensification will be experienced in the form of container trucks emerging onto Todd Rd through two re-modelled signalised intersections on either side of the West Gate Bridge.

Meanwhile, Perce White Reserve is turned upside down. The sand resembles the dunes that surveyor Darke spoke of when giving the name Sandridge to this part of the world. The sand is piled up awaiting re-shaping to continue the ongoing modification of this landscape.




  • The sea lapping at the edges of the boardwalk? Doesn't sound too promising

  • William Trott

    There is no wall blocking the noise to the Williamstown side, haven't had a decent nights sleep for about 12 months now as a number of other residents here. It was reported in the Star Weekly recently. 60hz hum, vibration from ships generator's travels a fair distance. The same problem was occouring in Otago NZ and the MAERSK line were modifying their ships at a great cost to try and sort the problem but the PoM won't even acknowledge the issue here by pleading ignorance and using deflection techniques.

    • JanetBolitho

      Williamstown people apprehended that there would be impacts. And so it seems there are. Regret that you have not been able to resolve the issue through the Port of Melbourne.

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