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Old and new – how do they relate?


The letter reads: ‘ Enlighten me oh one of obviously superior intellect . What is a chav? (someone else helpfully explains that is Geordie for bogan)

Is that someone who may be able to justify their vandalism of someone else’s property as their only outlet for their vitriol, mute [sic] feelings of inadequacy for not being a productive member of society or sheer frustration at not having a job or a life? Nice artwork by the way. Very intelligent and professional ‘

A lively debate in strong terms about the application of the City of Port Phillip’s heritage policy and the scale of new development is taking place on the hoarding of the dwelling taking shape on the corner of Greig and Durham St, Albert Park.

The application for this property was refused by Council and approved by VCAT. It replaces a fifties style dwelling – not a Victorian era cottage. The recurrent issues at the heart of people’s concerns are how old and new buildings relate, the extent to which new additions and dwellings should reference the old and the scale of new development.






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