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21 Alfred St takes shape

Should sustainability considerations override scale? That was the issue in contention in the planning of 21 Alfred St. Look at the scale of neighbouring houses. What do you think?

Water wall

Water wall 21 02 2014


  • Mind-boggling! I had this horror described to me when in planning stages but I'm appalled by this image! There in the middle of Port's two narrow heritage streets of workers' cottages, no less -- and replacing the notable Folly Cottage as well. HOW do we achieve results like this??

    • Janet Bolitho

      It is a puzzle, I agree. Think Alfred and Albert have been poorly served by some planning decisions with their narrowness insufficiently taken into account. The modesty of the houses was an important part of the story.

  • Hi Janet, I was informed today that this property will be featured on the to program Grand designs Australia. Apparently it is an exemplar of sustainability... Internally i think.

    • Thanks Bernadene - I'll look out for it. At a panel this week 'Raising the Green Bar' an architect from DesignInc spoke of thinking beyond the site when considering sustainability

  • Hi. Can you please post an updated photo to let us know if the house achieved the green hanging garden effect and efficiency? Is it now integrated into the community as promised?

    • JanetBolitho

      Hi Cornelia Sure, I'll do that today and see what sense I get of how the house now sits in its context. You may also be interested in Folly and Modesty, another post on this house.

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