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Going Crazy in the Park

The Nantes Botanic Gardens are a magnet of deep green opposite the Railway Station. Between the Station and the Gardens runs a very familiar looking tram.

Over the summer, the Gardens have gone crazy. A series of playful nature sculptures by children’s author and illustrator, Claude Ponti, have been placed throughout the Gardens.

Benign, amiable creatures rest on the grass.

Nantes parks 2

Nantes park 1

Very pat-able, only you’re not to walk on the grass

The benches have gone crazy too.  There are giant benches, back to front benches, and benches for siestas. It’s all fun and lighthearted – ‘happy humour’ as Ponti puts it. The children seemed to be enjoying it all hugely.


The book is ‘Friends of the Gardens’





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